We are currently closed to submissions.

Despite our name, we want to see all genres of speculative fiction: your sci-fi, fantasy, slipstream, magical realism, Lovecraftian horror, historical, gothic, and so on up to 3000 words in length. (The word limit isn't strict—just a good guideline to go by). But we don't want just short fiction—we also want standalone novel excerpts, poetry, reviews, art, interviews, and whatever else, from both emerging and published writers! [Check out our Resources for help!]

Time travel isn't so important. We're a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or whatever else journal depending on how many good stories we get and how often.

Multiple, simultaneous, and previously published submissions are fine. If unpublished, you agree to grant Wintermute First Serial Rights; after publication, all rights revert back to the writer or artist. We want your originals, reprints, and translations! (Why do we allow previously published submissions? We want as many people to see your writing as possible!)


NO identifying information in your files, please. Please use Times New Roman or another readable font. However you do it, make it easy on the eyes—we want to focus on your story, not your formatting.

Prose: Double-spaced, roughly 1000-3000 words
Poetry: Single-spaced, new poems start on a new page, 5 pages max
Art: 5 pages max of your best. If you want, you can provide an artist's statement in the body of the email—and tell us if you would want this statement published or not.

*If your work is rejected, please wait a minimum of 1 year before submitting again.*


  • Please label subject line "Wintermute Submission"
  • Attach your document(s) as DOC, PDF, JPEG, or PNG files. 
  • Please Note: Wintermute is no longer offering free feedback to all submitters because there are just too many submissions and not enough staff to keep up with the influx. We hope to pursue a limited-basis feedback opportunity in the future, but for now, you will merely receive an accept/reject/conditional offer decision. Thank you so much for understanding. Submitters who have submitted work before Jan 1, 2021 will still be sent their feedback as the last receivers.
  • We don't need cover letters as we read submissions blind; however, you are welcome to mention past publications, experience, and/or awards if you would like 
  • Body: Include Prose/Poetry/Art, Genre/Subgenre, Word Count/Number of Poems 

Example email

Subject: Wintermute Submission


[Prose] Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk, 1800 

Philip K Dick (he/him)

[Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - 1 attached Word Doc]

Profanity, sex, violence, and the most scandalous of all—British spellings—are fine, but they should be present to actually serve a purpose and aren't just there to be there.

If your submission does not largely adhere to our guidelines, it will most likely be disqualified.

For new writers who need help with author bios, cover letters, or are just wondering what makes a good speculative fiction story/poem/review/etc, Wintermute will nudge you here.

Send all submissions to: We try to respond in about 2 months. 

For any other questions, or to ask why we're taking so damn long, query us at the above email. (Please note that you may not get a response if you don't follow submission guidelines). 

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