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Second Place  Winner /  2022 Wintermute Writing Contest Credits:  first published in  Gutter Magazine Content warnings: death It may be a morbid bit of city planning, but Maggie’s glad that the Necropolis is close enough to the hospital that she can see it from the corridor windows. There’s time to kill before visiting hours, so she goes out the back way, past the people in scrubs having a mid-shift fag. It’s especially beautiful at this time of day: the hillside gravestones reaching up to stroke the sky like outstretched fingertips. She climbs, her phone in one hand, the other held out in case she trips on the stone steps. The grassy perch underneath the mausoleum, flush with green ivy and daisies, is one of her favourite spots. With her back against a headstone that’s more like a statue she wonders, is it disrespectful that she hangs out here? Nah. The people here were probably all racist colonisers, and dead anyway. Besides, it’s easy to relax here, with city laid out before her, ca

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